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Brand Strategy Agency In Derby

We help to bring new brands to life, bring back those brands that have lost their way and breathe life into old brands. From logo creation through to brand tone of voice we will cover everything to create a brand your customers simply can’t ignore.

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Empowering Brands

We cover a whole range of branding services from brand identity design through to your brand values. We will build a comprehensive set of guidelines giving you the freedom to show off your brand knowing that everything is absolutely perfect.

Brand Strategy

We will develop a detailed set of brand strategy guidelines – giving you the freedom to create knowing everything will look on brand.

Logo Creation

We develop brands that are memorable through modern logo design and stunning typography development.

Brand Communications

We will develop a detailed set of brand communication guidelines – giving you the freedom to create knowing everything is on brand.

What can I expect?

We cover all aspects of branding from logo identity to brand communications and everything in between.

Brand Revelation Session

We will discuss your goals, not just for your brand but for the business. We identify your target audience, discuss the brands you admire and where you see your brand going. This will help us to create a brand that your clients simply cannot ignore.

Brand Promise

A brand promise, every brand has at least one. Whether it’s a satisfaction guarantee or the promise to deliver the best results in the business, we will help you identify yours and how to implement them seamlessly into your brand.

Brand Values

What are the values that make your business unique, what’s the story behind your business? We will help you to identify what values your business has and how to use these to your advantage.

Brand Identity

Of course, the most exciting and most important part of any brand, the logo. We brainstorm, develop ideas and present you with 4 strong brand concepts with purpose. We also offer unlimited design amends, ensuring you’ll achieve the brand you your business truly deserve.

Type & Iconography

We will develop the typography and iconography types that should be used across all design and marketing materials. This will set you apart from your competitors and finish off all designs, beautifully.

Brand Guidelines

A comprehensive set of brand guidelines will help everybody working across the brand to create a seamless, beautifully designed brand. From marketing managers to in-house sales teams, this will be their brand bible.

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