Gorilla Juice

Gorilla Juice

Plant-powered Protein Shakes

Our protein blends infuse nature’s most powerful plant-based fuels and juiciest flavours. They are a high-performance feast for your body AND your taste buds. An insanely juicy protein hit on a mission to help you crush your goals on the daily.

Client: Gorilla Juice
Date: 27 June 2019

The Brief…

Gorilla Juice is truly unique. A protein packed shake that’s packed full of natural ingredients make this one of the most nautrally nutritional, tasty drinks on the market today.

Harry at Gorrila Juice came to use earlier in the year with a website that was a shell of what it’s now become. He’d invested a huge amount of time creating this truly unique product and now he need a store that would match, so we got to work.

The Project…

We’ve created a store that’s seen success within it’s first few days of its launch. The dazzling colours we’ve used throughout mirror that of the packaging and brand style giving this site a unique feel.

Harry from Gorilla Juice