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Security team branding for adidas.

We are privileged enough to work alongside a billion-pound company to design the artwork for the security team for the Adidas head office in Germany. After an efficient sign-off, Adidas came back to us for some extra advice and we are now arranging the print of the tees too!

Client: adidas
Date: 8 April 2019
Services: Design, Illustration, Typography, Translation, Branding

The Brief…

Artwork for the Adidas Security team.

As Adidas is a worldwide and well-known brand, it attracts customers and employers from around the globe, therefore, we had to include the word ‘Security’ on the t-shirt in over 30 languages.

We had to make the design blend in seamlessly with Adidas’s bold, simplistic branding but create a design which was eye-catching and easy to read.

Adidas Security Team
Adidas English Translation
Adidas Arabic Translation
Adidas French Translation
Adidas Chinese Translation
Adidas Hebrew Translation
Adidas Polish Translation

The Process…

How we achieved the goal.

First, we had to translate the word Security in over 30 languages which were challenging in its own way! We had to make sure we had a professional that can ensure every translation is perfect and spelt correctly.

Then the fun park, design! We produced multiple simplistic but eye-catching concepts for Adidas to review and discuss.