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Our favourite sans serif fonts of 2019!

The best free sans serif fonts of 2019…

The best free sans serif fonts 2019. In this post, we have piled together some of our favourite sans serif fonts both old and new!

As some of you may well know we have been working on our very own sans serif font – due to be released at some point this year which is why we are paying tribute to the best free sans serif fonts of 2019.

It is common knowledge that most design projects require a well rounded, stand-out sans serif font, although, we don’t just use sans serif fonts for body text, some of the fonts you’ll find in the list below are great display fonts and to use across your branding!

The fonts listed below are all free for personal use, and most are free for commercial use, but as always please read the terms & conditions before you download these fonts.

Happy Downloading!

HK Grotesk

Glacial Indifference

SK Modernist


Source Sans Pro

Kayak Sans


Thank you, and be sure to check out the rest of our awesome collections!

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