Frequently asked questions by our customers at Hyphen Creative.

The overall cost of a website depends on the objectives you want to achieve. Many clients - whether they’re a sole trader or an established business, and regardless of whether they’re offering knowledge, products or services - realise that they need an online presence to attract new customers.

For some clients, simply having a presence is all they need to suit their current needs and position in their market. However, some clients wish to go beyond this by offering a more thorough and functional experience for their customers. A website is an ideal method of doing this, for example by offering customers the option to purchase your products and services online - without the need to visit a physical brick and mortar store or picking up the telephone.

Naturally, the complexity of the website you require will determine the amount of initial mutual understanding of the project, followed by design, development, testing, and maintenance.

Each website design company has their own unique strategy for handling web projects. Through years of development and understanding of our clients’ needs, we offer our web services in simple packages which are tailorable around your requirements. Each of our packages are identical at the core and we treat all of our customers exactly the same, meaning all packages offer completely bespoke design (no templates found here!) and we don’t treat customers who choose the smallest package any less favorably than a customer who chooses the largest.

Our packages start at £1,200 which include a free consultation to help us understand your business and what you’d like to achieve with your website, a bespoke design which truly represents your brand, development and thorough testing, and assistance launching your brand new website.

To learn more about our packages visit hyphencreative.co.uk/web-design-agency

Most web hosting packages include email addresses on your very own domain, however, there are plenty of alternatives such as Gmail. These offer options to suit your needs, including a mailbox with enough storage to handle attachments, email distribution addresses and more. Some even offer complimentary cloud storage and office software such as word processing, spreadsheets, drawing, etc.

This depends on the type of website you choose to go for. Having an online presence has never been more important than now, and making sure you get it right the first time is pivotal to your success - after all it is your online shopfront.

A typical 10-page website with beautiful bespoke animation, along with content writing, photography and SEO implementation can take a while - usually around 4-6 weeks. This allows time for website amends and design changes, although this doesn’t happen too often!

Although, more complex sites such as one-page apps, big-brand sites, and eCommerce sites can take longer to complete as these tend to have more pages, alongside implementation for payments options such as Paypal, Sage and Stripe integration, as well as compatibility with HootSuite and other third-party applications.

A bespoke design will always be hard to come by, after all, you can buy a ready-made template for less than £150, but why would you? Templates are easy to spot as they’re unoriginal, uninspiring and look exactly like many other sites - that’s why we never use them, ever!

We believe that having a site specifically crafted around you and your product adds value to a brand and your product, think of landing on your competitor's site and seeing they are now using the same template as you! The horror! Well, that’s never going to happen if you choose us now it. Our passionate design team will help you create an experience tailored to you and your target market, the best thing? You’ll never land on a website exactly alike!

Most website applications allow you to edit your site, although if you choose to go with a website provider such as WIX, Squarespace and the like you may find yourself limited by what you can change. Layout changes can be a nightmare if you aren’t a programmer for NASA, and if you don’t have the PRO versions of these apps then you will find yourself promoting these companies on the footer of your site. Something that’s ok for Bob the builder but not SME’s.

Our bespoke website design services allow you to chop and change content, imagery, and text whenever you like, simply email one of our account manager who will get the changes implemented for you right away.

No! As long as your changes come before your website goes live, once it’s live we charge an hourly rate for any additional changes.

We offer website maintenance packages that allow you to have unlimited text, layout, and imagery changes on your site every month, along with compelling blog pieces written by our in-house copywriter. Our website maintenance packages start at £30 a month.

If you have a website that has been built by another website design agency and want changes but don’t know how to go about it then get in touch with our development team on developer@hyphencreative.co.uk who will be more than happy to assist!

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today!

Websites are a great way to sell and promote products and services. However, what happens when a client is trying to access your site and realises its full of spam, and it’s working as it should, you’d panic. Thankfully most hosting providers do offer help with this and should be able to restore your website to its original state, but how do you prevent it from happening again?

We offer free SSL certificates with all of our websites as all agencies should, this prevents your site from being attacked and shows clients and prospects landing on your website that it’s a secure, trustworthy site. Whatsmore our development team will do regular checks for free to ensure your site it's running as it should be.

An SSL certificate is effectively a digital public document, which verifies that the appropriate, legitimate company owns the website which is being accessed.

They ensure that visitors are accessing the correct site they want to visit by proving relevant ownership. As an e-commerce business, this helps prevent any attackers from impersonating your company and your website.

For customers, an SSL certificate establishes a secure connection between their web browser and your site server. This protects important information like passwords and credit card details by adding a layer of encryption when the data is sent.

We offer free SSL certificates with all of our websites as all agencies should, this prevents your site from being attacked and shows clients and prospects landing on your website that it’s a secure, trustworthy site.

Any website has the potential to sell products, although you do need to develop an eCommerce shop in order to do this. Having an online presence is key to success today and it’s important that you showcase your products in the best possible way to attract custom to you and not your competitors, but how?

We develop bespoke online shops that are designed around you and your product, giving your customers a truly unique and immersive feel, there are no templates found at Hyphen!

With more and more businesses each year jumping onto the website bandwaggon the internet is becoming a crowded place, with huge competition. You want the best website possible to promote your brand as anybody would so when you see somebody offering a bespoke website design for as little as £300 you wouldn't want to miss out on such a great offer, or would you?

There is a vast amount of agencies out there offering websites at such small prices, and you might not pay the price in cash but you could pay the price in quality and customer service - you get what you pay for as it’s said.

Other agencies will provide you with a million page contract to sign before you go ahead with your website design, you get to the end of the project and a thrilled with what you’ve got, what you don’t realise is the hidden bill that’s about to slip under your door.

Our website design contracts are 1 page long, most of that is just pretty graphics. Our contacts are transparent, simple and easy to understand - there’s no industry jargon to be seen! Don’t worry, you won’t get any unexpected bills with us!

Outsourcing, it’s cheap and often the quality is OK, but would you want to settle for OK, we wouldn’t and that’s why we never outsource any of our work - everything is done in-house.

Often agencies will outsource their website and SEO work abroad because the rates are cheaper than hiring somebody here in the UK, we believe that is not the way to do it. We keep everything in-house, ultimately improving our customer communication skills and quality of work.

Absolutely! By using email and through regular phone calls, we can communicate effectively with clients in any location, we can also arrange meetings with clients at any location in the UK and even abroad!

The project starts with a 33% deposit. After design sign off and before we move into programming. Once we have completed and fulfilled our scope, the final 66% is collected and your website is then scheduled for launch. We also offer monthly payment plans to suit you for larger, more expensive sites, get in touch with us for more info!