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  • Cambium Joinery

    Branding, Print Design & Website Design

    Cambium Joinery Calendars Cambium Joinery Business Cards Cambium Joinery Mugs Cambium Joinery Notepads Cambium Joinery Pens Cambium Joinery Concept 1 Cambium Joinery Concept 2
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    Working alongside Cambium Joinery has been a pleasure, we couldn’t be happier with their response to the work we have produced for them over the last few months.

    Late in 2017 Cambium Joinery commissioned us to develop a new website. Their old website was outdated and didn’t function as it used to. They set us the task of crafting a website that looked modern but had a British heritage feel to it.

    Not only did we overhaul the website, we also updated their branding, bringing it into line with the feel of the website, mugs, pens, calendars, and notebooks. Working alongside Cambium Joinery has been a pleasure, we couldn’t be happier with their response to the work we have produced for them over the last few months.

    We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Cambium and we wish them the best of luck.

  • Ginger Honey

    Branding & Packaging

    Ginger Honey Packaging Ginger Honey Logo Design
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    Hyphen made the whole design process so simple. They created three or four concepts for us, but as soon as we saw this one we knew it was right for us!

    Ginger Honey approached us in August of 2016, they desperately needed a brand redevelopment, one with strength and beauty - we knew we could help. We spoke with them, discussed what mattered most, what inspires them and why they started Ginger Honey.

    Then we got to work developing the brand.

    We had to create a strong brand with a deep meaning, so we started sketching all of our design ideas, good or bad. We spent hour upon hour developing an idea into a masterpiece and we were thrilled because we had created something which we thought met the brief perfectly.

    The brand we crafted for Ginger Honey is eye-catching yet simple and elegant and best of all the client loves it!

  • Cultural Campus

    Branding & Web Design

    Cultural Campus Logo Design CC-Website Cultural Campus Iconography CC-Website
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    Hyphen made the branding process a breeze, working alongside them from start to finish couldn't be easier!

    Based in Derby, Cultural Campus is made up of many large organisations such as Derby Theatre, Derby University, Derby Museum and more! Their aim is to provide every child and young person the opportunity to thrive in their home city, Derby, and experience a variety of activities and cultures to develop their skills, life chances and fulfill their highest ambitions.

    Cultural Campus came to us searching for a new brand, a new way to express all of their organisations in one. Once we had what we needed we got to work designing a bunch of logo concepts for all the organisations involved in Cultural Campus to review.

    Working alongside Cultural Campus has been a pleasure, in fact, they are so impressed with our work they have commissioned us to design and develop their information based website, where young people in the Derby area can keep up-to-date with all the activities and workshops going on in and around Derbyshire.

  • Kickbox Deliveries

    Branding & Vehicle Graphics

    KickBox Logo KickBox Car Graphics KickBox Logo
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    Our new brand has been a huge success, Hyphen made the whole process really simple and hassle-free!

    This project was a really fun one for the whole of the team. Kickbox came to us deprived of an eye-catching brand and needed a fresh start. Their line of work is a dog eat dog world, each delivery service offering something a little bit different - so they desperately needed to stand out.

    The first thing we did was sit down with them and discuss how they wanted to move their brand forward. We got what we needed from them and got to work straight away.

    We brainstormed, sketched and refined until we created something we are very proud of and most importantly something that our client is extremely proud of! Helping them increase their turnover was a huge bonus too!

  • Murty & Ginger

    Branding & Web Design

    M&G Logo M&G Signage M&G Logo Iconography M&G Wesbite Homepage M&G Wesbite About
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    Once you've used these guys you won't want to go anywhere else. Highly recommended.

    Based in Chesterfield, Murty & Ginger have been a loyal customer throughout the years at Hyphen Creative, coming to us at the start of their journey M&G have been a real sucess story.

    M&G buy and sell antique furniture and other high-end products and at the beggining of their venture they needed a beautiful brand and a simple, clean and modern e commerce website where they could sell these stunning peices.

    M&G needed a logo that looked high-end with a subtle vintage feel, and we delivered what we thought was the perfect peice, a thought reflected from a very happy client. Working alongside the guys at M&G has been great from day one! Follow us on social media for more updates on our design and development work.

  • Alcolab Bar & Grill

    Web Design & Branding

    Alcolab Branding Alcolab Typography Alcolab Bar Image Alcolab Homepage Alcolab Book Now Alcolab About Us
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    Everything is now in place for our grand opening and our thanks go to Hyphen for their amazing efforts...

    Alcolab is a beautiful new bar opening in Manchester City Centre in late 2018. They have a beautiful building lined up to play home to their amazing business plan. They will be offering a huge array of cocktails with a scientific twist along with hundreds of craft beers & ales and a stunning food menu filled with modern British dishes.

    They needed a website that complimented the theme of the bar and one which customers could book through. They have already been contacted by people wanting to book for NYE 2018! We discussed their business plan, visited the premises and then got to work.

    This website is currently in development, please check back soon for more updates.

  • Lakeshore Properties

    Branding & Web Design

    Lakeshore Properties Branding Lakeshore Properties Typography Lakeshore Properties Web Design Lakeshore Properties Web Design Lakeshore Properties Web Design Lakeshore Properties Web Design
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    Lakeshore Properties are a start-up online Estate Agent with big plans for the future.

    The guys at Lakeshore Properties came to us with their business plan and commissioned us to develop their branding, brand identity, and design and develop their bespoke website..

    We helped develop the brand name and after hours of thought we all agreed on Lakeshore Properties, we then got to work developing their unique brand using our bespoke icon set and in-house fonts.

    This project is ongoing so follow us on social media or come back here for regular updates on our design work!

  • Poetic Brands

    Web Design

    Poetic Brands Website Development
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    Great work, and a really quick turnaround! Exactly what we asked and more...

    Poetic Brands Ltd is a multi-million-pound company based in Watford. Poetic produce and sell character-based t-shirts and nightwear for some of the biggest retailers in the world such as Primark, Matalan, Goarge and Tesco’s.

    Poetic deal with massive character licenses such as Disney, Star Wars, The Lion King and much more.

    We were drafted in to help Poetic create a responsive website in order for them to promote their products online. Poetic needed a stunning online portal allowing them to interact with customers and we delivered just what they wanted.

  • Crowd Drop

    Branding & Web Design

    Crowd Drop Logo Design Crowd Drop Website Design Crowd Drop Brand Explanation Crowd Drop Website Design
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    Drop me now is an exciting new project we are working on here at Hyphen Creative. Watch this space!

    Crowd Drop were seeking a website and branding redevelopment. The website needed be a little like Gumtree - a very complex site! Crowd Drop sell awesome new gadgets and electronics at discounted prices. But here the catch, its only for a certain period of time and the more people bid, the more the price drops.

    We set up a meeting with the client to get a clearer understanding of their vision and what they wanted to achieve while working alongside us. After hearing their side, we were extremely excited to take on this project!

    This project is ongoing, as designing and developing this type of site is extremely complex. The website will be available in the later this year - follow us to stay up-to-date.

  • Trademark

    Web Design

    Trademark Products Website Design & Development
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    We are already getting inquiries through our new website and we couldn't be happier!

    Trademark is another client of ours nestled in the heart of the UK, London. They produce and sell character-based t-shirts and nightwear. Trademark work with huge licenses such as Game Of Thrones, Minions, Despicable Me and many, many more.

    Trademark approached us in summer of last year, they wanted us to design and develop an information-based website with B2B compatibility, enabling them to manage their stock. Trademark client loved the first design which sped up the project alot, in fact we are very close to lauching the new website!

    This is something we are currently working on so follow us to see the final product!

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