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Buying Buddy are a leading car underwriter based in Burton-Upon-Trent in the UK.

Buying Buddy is a vehicle underwriter based in Derby. They commissioned us to develop their brand in early 2018. They had the same logo for years and it was time for an upgrade!

Buying Buddy

We set to work on developing a new, memorable brand. A brand which is easily recognisable is crucial in Buying Buddy’s world and that’s what we set out to do! Our first thought was a brand mascot. what’s better than a super cool robot, eh? Nothing!

Buying Buddy Website Design

“Buying Buddy commissioned us to redevelop their brand, they were so happy they now want a website!”.

Over the coming months, we will be helping Buying Buddy to rebrand their entire design collateral. Our design team has already started work on their brand new site which you can see above, expect this to go live over the summer months!

Buying Buddy Logo Design


Buying Buddy Logo Before
Buying Buddy Logo After


pantone 638c

pantone 7463cp


Buying Buddy Fonts


Buying Buddy Images
Buying Buddy Images